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Rho Kinase Inhibitor Therapeutics - Pipeline Analysis 2018

Rho Kinase Inhibitor Therapeutics - Pipeline Analysis 2018, Clinical Trials & Results, Patents, Designations, Collaborations, and Other Developments

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Therapeutic Area(s): Oncology | Metabolic | Respiratory | Cardiovascular | Ophthalmology | Nephrology | Neurology | Urology | Others
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Rho kinase inhibitor, also known as ROCK inhibitor, inhibits the rho kinases, a family of small GTP-binding protein. Rho kinases are found to regulate cell motility, proliferation, shape, gene expression, apoptosis, and are also involved in the signalling pathway. The inhibition of rho kinases has shown some beneficial effects in cardiovascular diseases, including systemic hypertension, vasospastic angina, stable effort stigma, pulmonary hypertension, stroke, and heart failure. Rho kinases are a member of serine/threonine kinases and are encoded by ROCK1 and ROCK2 gene. There are many evidences that show rho kinase inhibitors play a significant role in improving symptoms related to cardiovascular diseases, as it has been experimentally proven that rho kinase gets upregulated in the cardiovascular disorders. The development of inhibitors of rho kinase isoforms can be an advantage, inclined to the specificity of the cardiovascular disorders. In addition, the pathophysiology of other disorders, such as intracerebral hemorrhage, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease are related to the modulation of rho kinases.

BioAxone Bioscience Inc. is developing a wide range of rho kinase inhibitor therapeutics in its pipeline. Some of the companies having the pipeline of rho kinase inhibitor include Kowa Company Ltd. and Kadmon Corporation.

The report provides a comprehensive understanding of the pipeline activities covering all drug candidates under various stages of development, with the detailed analysis of pipeline and clinical trials. Pipeline analysis of drugs by phases includes product description and development activities including information about clinical results, designations, collaborations, licensing, grants, technology, and others.