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Mechanism of Action Reports

With advancements in science and technology and the emergence of new diseases, the pharma sector has witnessed an increase in efforts with respect to the development of new drugs with higher efficacy. However, for any company to develop such a drug, knowing the specific biochemical interaction through which the pharmacological effect of that drug is produced is of utmost importance. Pharma Proff’s mechanism of action reports precisely target this area and help businesses achieve a thorough understanding of this vital aspect. Moreover, an extensive understanding of the mechanism of action of a drug candidate helps improve the formulation and the subsequent interpretation of safety and toxicology studies pertaining to Good Laboratory Practices, which are needed for investigational new drug applications. In this regard, we, at Pharma Proff, help our clients run a promising clinical trial as an effective response to the treatment of a disease by providing them access to information pertaining to the discovery of various pathological/signaling pathways responsible for the disease.

Indication Pipeline Reports

There has been an increase in investments in pharmaceutical R&D in recent years, enabling pharma companies to prime themselves for exponential growth that the current global drug market is poised to witness. Moreover, when diseases are examined through the lens of their therapeutic application, the scope of opportunities for new drug development increases, thus paving the way for collaborative developments. To help you gain an all-encompassing view of the scenario, Pharma Proff’s indication pipeline reports offer deep insights into product pipelines across various stages along with the descriptive coverage of pipeline developments, viz. drug description, R&D activities, and product development. Such reports not only help you gain information on competitors’ portfolios to give you a tactical advantage for strategy development but also help you formulate in-licensing and out-licensing strategies by determining the potential partners in lucrative projects to maximize your business value.

Molecule Type Pipeline Reports

Due to the emergence of new diseases, what was a rare curiosity a decade back has transitioned into a ubiquitous problem. Even though the incidence of diseases by country may vary, the prevalence trend has transcended the boundaries geographically. Thus, the pharma sector continues to be driven by the need for innovative products and therapeutic applications with higher efficacy. However, to bring about a plausible solution to address the growing demand for pharmaceuticals, it is important for pharma players to first comprehend the underlying factors causing a disease. To this end, Pharma Proff provides molecule type pipeline reports that give an overview of the diagnostic solutions being developed and the forthcoming opportunities for all the stakeholders involved. Besides, these insights comprise the therapeutic assessment of products by product type, molecule type, and administration route. The molecule type pipeline reports offered by us aid pharma businesses in identifying the way forward for the next batch of efficacious products pertaining to concerned diseases and discerning the appropriate approach to drug discovery, such as polypharmacology, combination therapy, or phenotypic screening.

Marketed API Reports

Factors such as rise in the prevalence of chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and neurological diseases and production of advanced pharmaceuticals have been driving the growth of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) market. Moreover, as a low-cost alternative to treating diseases such as AIDS and multiple sclerosis, biogenerics have witnessed a high demand in the API market in recent years. Besides, growing competition among API manufacturers, huge capital investment, high production costs, and stringent regulatory measures are the key factors shaping the API market. Therefore, being abreast of the current trends and future growth prospects in both developed and emerging economies becomes imperative for any player looking to strengthen its foothold in the market. Pharma Proff’s marketed API insights fulfill this need for knowledge to help your business gain from them. The reports outlining these insights provide analysis on various market segments, including the one dominating the market, along with the market growth potential across different regions and the strategies implemented by other market players.

Epidemiology Insights and Forecast Reports

Some diseases have approved drug treatment, while some don’t. In both the cases, understanding of some key aspects lends pharma players a clear picture with respect to their business decisions. Moreover, it is important to be aware of the causes of the current and forecasted trends of different diseases. Besides, insights about the historical and the current pool of patients and expected trends for major regions are helpful in determining the healthcare budget and the unmet medical needs of the healthcare systems. In view of above, Pharma Proff equips your pharma business with necessary epidemiology insights and forecasts to help you develop business strategies for disease-specific markets. Additionally, it provides a thorough understanding of the future market competition and important market drivers and barriers, as well as regulatory policies implemented in major markets. The reports provided by Pharma Proff offer an overview of the indication that covers etiology, pathophysiology, risk factors, disease staging, disease prognosis, diagnostic techniques, and treatment algorithm.

Marketed Drug Insights and Forecast Reports

Pharma Proff’s marketed drug insights and forecasts reports help pharma players attain a comprehensive understanding of various drugs in the market, which further helps them make informed decisions in the unpredictable pharma space. Moreover, these reports help businesses gain a strategic advantage through detailed analysis of marketed drugs and late-stage pipeline drugs. Besides, information pertaining to clinical trials, expressive pharmacological actions, and approval and patent details, along with the advantages and disadvantages of various drugs, is also made available through these reports. At Pharma Proff, we believe that simply quantifying the revenue potential is not enough; it has to be accompanied by accurate and fact-based insights. Thus, our reports on marketed drug insights and forecasts are primarily focused on aiding your organization in planning timelines for drug development. These reports include forecasts for marketed drugs, which include analysis of the generic share, split by product groups, and forecasts for key companies and pipeline products. The reports also help pharma companies plan API procurement strategies for generic development by making the details of API manufacturers available to them.

Competitive Landscape Reports

The pharma industry is ubiquitous. From conceptualization through R&D to production, it incurs heavy expenditure in terms of product development and product placement. Thus, for the players operating in the market, positioning their product in the right way becomes imperative. However, often, the pharma companies do not have the required time or resources at their disposal to acquire the knowledge needed to implement the task. In this regard, Pharma Proff’s competitive landscape reports help these companies with information with respect to key competitors in the market and their objectives and strategies to help them devise their product positioning strategy accordingly. The reports also provide analysis of key trends and activities of various regulatory authorities affecting the size and growth of the market. Moreover, with the emergence of low-cost alternatives to drugs whose patents have expired, small-sized pharma entrants can benefit from such reports to excel in the area of generics.

Specialized Reports

With the emergence of new diseases, it has become imperative for pharma players to view market dynamics as possibilities for the R&D of new drugs. Besides, it is equally important for these players to keep themselves abreast of competitors’ development timelines as well as challenges with respect to the unpredictable regulatory environment and the degree of competition from non-traditional healthcare providers. In this regard, we, at Pharma Proff, take pride in our capacity to offer specialized, tailor-made reports to cater to specific client needs. Our bespoke reports provide you with insights on selective business areas to help your business capitalize on region-specific, disease-specific, and drug-specific opportunities and overcome challenges specific to those areas. Moreover, you can also benefit from information with respect to clinical trials, epidemiology landscape, and marketed drug forecasts, in addition to gaining information on API manufacturers and SWOT analysis in a particular indication or therapy area.

Launch Forecasting Landscape Reports

Primary care market saturation, stringent regulatory measures, advent of biogenerics as low-cost alternatives, and exclusive patient population are the key factors posing a challenge to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry. With diminishing product pipelines and expiring patents, the average duration for a new product to remain in the market before the launch of a competing pharma product has become shorter. Such aggressive launch of new products poses a serious challenge to the utilization of the phase III clinical trial data to differentiate a product in the market. With Pharma Proff’s launch forecasting landscape reports, your business can gain strategic insights to pave a plausible launch roadmap for a product. Most importantly, these reports also shed light on the manner in which an anticipated launch of the product would impact the market of that particular disease treatment and the extent to which the product might secure its position against the competing class of products.