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Turner Syndrome Therapeutics - Pipeline Analysis 2018

Turner Syndrome Therapeutics - Pipeline Analysis 2018, Clinical Trials & Results, Patents, Designations, Collaborations, and Other Developments

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Turner syndrome is a chromosomal condition, which occurs when one of the two X chromosomes normally found in women is missing or incomplete. The disease alters the growth and development in females. The symptoms can vary among women who have Turner syndrome. Women with this condition tend to be shorter than average and are usually unable to conceive a child because of an absence of ovarian function. Some other features of this condition are extra skin on the neck (webbed neck), heart defects and kidney problems, puffiness or swelling (lymphedema) of the hands and feet, and skeletal abnormalities. This condition occurs in about one in 2,500 female births worldwide, but is much more common among pregnancies that do not survive to term (miscarriages and stillbirths).

The drug candidates of Turner syndrome disease pipeline include, but are not limited to are Estradiol and Somatropin pegylated. Some of the companies having drugs in the Turner syndrome disease pipeline are Novo Nordisk A/S, GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd., and Polus Inc.

  • The report provides a comprehensive understanding of the pipeline activities covering all drug candidates under various stages of development, with the detailed analysis of pipeline and clinical trials.
  • Pipeline analysis of drugs by phases includes product description and development activities including information about clinical results, designations, collaborations, licensing, grants, technology, and others.