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Vaccines Therapeutics - Pipeline Analysis 2018

Vaccines Therapeutics - Pipeline Analysis 2018, Clinical Trials & Results, Patents, Designations, Collaborations, and Other Developments

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A vaccine is a biological preparation that modulates the immunity in the body, in response to a particular disease. It is composed of a disease-causing microorganism, which is in killed form, and toxins produced by the microorganism. It stimulates the immunity to recognize it as the foreign agent, so that immunity can encounter that particular disease later. Some of the common side effects observed in children after vaccination are injection site pain, muscle ache, and fever. There are generally four types of vaccines: live and attenuated vaccine (e.g. smallpox vaccine and MMR vaccine), inactivated vaccine (e.g. polio and hepatitis A), toxoid (e.g. DTaP Combination), and conjugated vaccine (e.g. influenza vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine).

GlaxoSmithKline plc is developing Ebola vaccine for the treatment of ebola hemorrhagic fever. Merck & Co. Inc. is developing V212 for the treatment of varicella zoster virus infection. VBI Vaccines Inc. is in the process of developing CMV vaccine for the treatment of cytomegalovirus infection. Some of the companies developing vaccines for different disease are Novavax Inc. and Mymetics B.V.

The report provides a comprehensive understanding of the pipeline activities covering all drug candidates under various stages of development, with the detailed analysis of pipeline and clinical trials. Pipeline analysis of drugs by phases includes product description and development activities including information about clinical results, designations, collaborations, licensing, grants, technology, and others.