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Tetanus Therapeutics - Pipeline Analysis 2018

Tetanus Therapeutics - Pipeline Analysis 2018, Clinical Trials & Results, Patents, Designations, Collaborations, and Other Developments

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Therapeutic Area(s): Infectious
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Tetanus, also known as lockjaw is a bacterial disease caused by Clostridium tetani. The bacteria are usually found in dust, soil, and manure and enter the body through breaks in the skin. The spores develop into bacteria when they enter the body. These spores can get into the body through broken skin, usually through injuries from contaminated objects. Certain breaks in the skin are more likely to get infected with tetanus bacteria. These include, wounds contaminated with dirt, feces, or spit (saliva), wounds caused by an object puncturing the skin like a nail or needle, burns, and crush injury. Tetanus is different from other vaccine-preventable diseases since it does not spread from person to person. This infection can lead to serious health problems, including inability to open mouth and trouble in swallowing and breathing. The drug candidates in the pipeline include, but are not limited to, tetanus vaccines, GC 3111A and DT vaccine. Some of the companies having drugs in pipeline for tetanus are Seasons Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. and Cadila Healthcare among others.

  • The report provides a comprehensive understanding of the pipeline activities covering all drug candidates under various stages of development, with the detailed analysis of pipeline and clinical trials.
  • Pipeline analysis of drugs by phases includes product description and development activities including information about clinical results, designations, collaborations, licensing, grants, technology, and others.