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Telangiectasis Therapeutics - Pipeline Analysis 2018

Telangiectasis Therapeutics - Pipeline Analysis 2018, Clinical Trials & Results, Patents, Designations, Collaborations, and Other Developments

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Therapeutic Area(s): Cardiovascular
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Telangiectasias are dilated blood vessels located near the surface of skin or mucous membranes. These often appear as fine pink or red lines, which temporarily whiten under pressure. Although this disease can be developed in healthy individuals, telangiectasias is known to be a prime feature of systemic and limited scleroderma and dermatomyositis. Telangiectasias may occur in rosacea, in certain systemic diseases (such as ataxia-telangiectasia, scleroderma), or in long-term therapy with topical fluorinated corticosteroids. Spider telangiectases, costal fringe, generalised essential telangiectasia, hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia, angioma serpiginosum, unilateral naevoid telangiectasia and poikilodermatous mycoses fungoides are some types of primary telangiectases. Although most telangiectases are self-limiting, for cosmetically sensitive areas of the body, gentle cautery can be used for small numbers of lesions.

  • The report provides a comprehensive understanding of the pipeline activities covering all drug candidates under various stages of development, with the detailed analysis of pipeline and clinical trials.
  • Pipeline analysis of drugs by phases includes product description and development activities including information about clinical results, designations, collaborations, licensing, grants, technology, and others.